Tutoring for University Students

Lifetime Learners provides three kinds of services for university students: Home Tutoring, Online Tutoring and Academic Writing Support (proofreading & editing).

Broadly speaking, we can help with:

Enlgish English
Mathematics Mathematics (Introductory Levels only)
Physics Physics (Introductory Levels only)
Chemistry Chemistry(Introductory Levels only)
Business & Commerce Business & Commerce (Undergraduate and MBA Levels)
Assignments Assignment planning & writing in any subject
Study Study & Goal Setting
Exam Revision Exam revision & preparation

Home Tutoring services are available in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Tutoring is available in English, maths, physics, chemistry, humanities & business subjects as well as homework supervision, study skills, exam preparation and academic writing techniques.

Our university home tutors are all either qualified teachers at school or university level, university students (post graduate students) with excellent academic results or professionals in fields such as Engineering with experience and specialist subject knowledge.

Online Tutoring is available Australia wide using our virtual classroom. Our service is guaranteed 1 to 1, is live, face to face and recordable. Online Tutoring is a great alternative for students in remote or regional areas where broadband internet access is available. Students in larger centres can benefit from having the best tutor for their subject, wherever that tutor is located.

Our online university tutors are all qualified teachers in the subjects that they are tutoring.

We also offer university students a Proofreading and Editing service for their assignments in any subject. This service does not involve direct tutoring, is carried out via the Internet and must be pre-paid. All work is carried out by Lifetime Learners qualified teachers who know and understand the needs of students and the requirements of educational institutions. We offer fast turnaround times to keep with your schedule.

Please contact us for more information about our service in your area.

To learn more about the specific service you require, please see the menu options to the right on this page.

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