Humanities & Social Science Tutoring

The Humanities and Social Sciences are a range of academic disciplines that study human culture. They include languages, philosophy, religion, history, geography, political science, education, law, linguistics and many more fields of study.

Tutoring is available in the Humanities and Social Science disciplines listed in the table below.

The subjects listed are indictative only. Please contact us about your specific needs.

Humanities and Social Science tutors are available at all the levels in Brisbane and also online via Lifetime Learners Virtual Classroom. Students requiring face to face tutoring in other locations should call ahead to enquire about tutor availability in their area.

Subject Years 7-10 Years 11-12 University
History history secondary history hsc vce history university
Geography geography secondary geography hsc vce -
SOSE sose secondarys - -
Study of Religion study of religion secondary sor hsc vce religion university
& Government
politics government secondary politics government university -
Philosophy - philosophy secondary philosophy university
Education - - Education university
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