Answers to the most common questions about our services.


What kinds of tutors are avaialble?

Three levels of tutor are generally available:

Teachers: Tutors who hold an Australian recognised teaching qualification and are elligible to work in Australian schools or tertiary instutions. This is our most common level of tutor.

Professional Tutors:Tutors who hold Australian recognised university qualifications relevant to the area in which they are tutoring.

Standard Tutors:Most tutors at this level are university students in at least their second year of study.

Many tutors at this level will also be training to become teachers.

Some tutors at this level will have other qualifications and experience that make them suitable tutors for some students, for example extensive work experience in schools as Teacher Assistants or Integration Assistants in the areas of basic literacy and numeracy.

Are all your tutors & staff screened for child protection?

Yes! It both a statutory requirement in most States and Territories and an employment condition of Lifetime Learners that all our staff carry and maintain positive Working With Children Checks or Police checks in their State or Territory.

In States and Territories that issue a Working With Children Check card, you can ask our tutor to produce the card.

In some States, eg Queensland, Registered Teachers are exempt from the WWC Card system, but should still be able to produce their current Teacher Registration Certificate and Exemption notice.

If you are in any doubt about a tutor's status, call us on 1300 373 314.

Before you employ tutors, do you interview them face to face?
Yes! Our tutors must all undergo rigorous pre-employment screening, including at least one face to face interview and referee checks prior to appointment. Our interviews are carried out against established company criteria and examine applicant background, experience, qualifications, curriculum knowledge, interpersonal skills and presentation. Our management team conducts interviews for new tutor applicants throughout the year in all the centres in which we operate.
What reference checks do you undertake on new staff?
We request all applicants to provide us with at least two (2) referees, which we check post interview for short listed applicants. We only accept references from current or immediate past employers, University lecturers or others who have an employment/professional relationship with the applicant. If the applicant has had previous tutoring experience, we ask them to provide us with the contact details of current or past clients.
What are the qualifications & experience of your tutors?

Our tutors come from a range of professional backgrounds and academic disciplines. While we have a clear preference for applicants with a teaching background - Practising teachers, retired teachers or trainee teachers - we also accept applications from skilled professionals in a wide variety of fields and from University students with excellent results where these people have skills in particular subject areas.

All Lifetime Learners tutors must hold Australian recognised qualifications in their tutoring area.

Are your tutors specifically trained in the area that they are tutoring?
Our tutors are expected to hold Australian recognised academic qualifications of at least Bachelors level with excellent academic records in the field in which they are tutoring. As a matter of policy, in fairness to our clients and our tutors, we do not place tutors outside their field of expertise.
Are your tutors able to communnicate effectively in Standard Australian English?
Yes! Lifetime Learners has strict English Language Proficiency requirements for all tutors that are equivalent to those expected by Australian State Teacher Registration Authorities.


How do I make a booking?
Simply enquire online or call us to discuss your needs. We aim to respond to your request within 24 hours. We will seek to confirm your details, the student's year level, subjects required and any further information that we require in order too provide you with our services. We respect the privacy of your personal information. See our privacy policy for further information. Whether booking online or by telephone, you can be assured of prompt, friendly, professional attention to your individual needs.
How long will it take to find a tutor for me?

We will use the details that you have given us to help match a tutor to your needs. Depending on the nature of your request, this may take between 1 and 5 working days. Once we have located a suitable tutor or tutors in your area, we will call you back to discuss the range of options available to you, to confirm our price and arrange to finalize your booking.

To finalize your booking, we will require more detailed contact information, including your name, address, telephone number, email address, the student's name and other relevant information.

Once a referral is made, how long will it take for the tutor to contact me?
We will refer your contact details only to our tutor who will contact you directly, normally within 2 business days of booking finalization.

We will email or post to you a confirmation of your booking and other information to get your tutoring off to a good start.

What can I expect when my tutor contacts me?

Once we have finalized your booking, our tutor will contact you directly to introduce themselves, to discuss your or your child's needs in greater detail and to arrange for the commencement of tutoring. Your tutor will then become your point of day to day contact with Lifetime Learners.

Talk to you tutor about your preferred days, times and locations for tutoring and the number of hours that you require. You should also talk to you tutor about what has been covered and your child's progress during sessions.

If you need to cancel or change a session, contact your tutor directly.

We have high expectations of our tutors and their performance. If you experience problems with your tutor or the tutoring, contact our office directly.

Your tutor will normally bring everything that they need to each session.

What will tutoring cost & how do I pay?

All Lifetime Learners tutoring prices are calculated on a "per hour" basis. The actual cost of tutoring will depend on the background and experience of the tutor and whether you are using our service on a casual basis or under a tutorng package. We will provide you with a firm quotation at time of booking.

Administration, billing and payments of our tutors are handled centrally by Lifetime Learners. For matters relating to billing & payments,including changing your authorization, card details, billing irregularities or to arrange refunds, call our office directly.

Tutors submit their tutoring sessions to us electronically. We will bill you straight after the tutor's session is submitted. Our payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice.

Our tutors are not able to accept payment directly from the client.

Where can tutoring take place?

Tutoring can take place either in the convience of your home or at another agreed location, for example a local library.

Where tutoring is conducted in your home, a suitable place must be available. Normally a dining room table is a suitable location. Tutoring should never be undertaken in a student's bedroom or at any other location not in the vicinity of other adults.

Can I be present during tutoring?

Yes you can, although this can be distracting for the student. It is our requirement that another adult is present on the premesis at all times during tutoring.

What materials & equipment will be required?

Primary students need only writing equipment as our tutor will normally bring all the resources that they need to each session.

Secondary and other students normally bring their school/Uni text books and workbooks.

Will the tutor follow the school curriculum or do you have your own program?

Lifetime Learners does not follow a set curriculum. This helps us to tailor a program specifically to the needs of each student. Our aim is to support the learning that takes place in the school curriculum. The focus of tutoring at all levels is the basic skills of literacy and numeracy that all students require to experience success at school.

Older students, in particular, are encouraged to bring their questions about their school work to tutoring. Your tutor will use these questions to structure an appropriate program of revision that supports and helps you experience success in the school curriculum.

What teaching methods will the tutor use?

Our tutors use a mixture of face to face teaching, workbooks, worksheets, computer, online and traditional resources. Lifetime Learners' tutoring focus has always been on working within the interests, capabilities and needs of our students to achieve the best possible educational outcome for that particular student. We do not believe that a 'one size fits all' approach is in the best interests of our students nor do we believe that there is any one 'right way' to teach.

Can tutoring continue over the school holidays?

Yes! Subject to negotiation with the tutor, tutoring sessions can normally be scheduled at any time, including during school holidays.

What is the minimum length of a tutoring session?

Generally, our tutors must be on site for a minimum of 60 minutes (1 hour) per session, From there, we tutor in 15 minute intervals. Call us on 1300 373 314 for further information relevant to your particular needs.

For some younger students (Prep/Kinder to Year 2, a shorter session of 30 to 45 minutes might be more approprirate. This, however, is subject to tutor agreement & availability.

Will there be any extra work expected in the form of homework or study?

That depends. Tutoring is not a substitute for school, so school homework ALWAYS comes first. That said, your tutor may recommend that you complete small homework tasks between sessions to practice skills introduced at tutoring. Parents may request that the tutor provides their child with homework if they wish.

Will you do my or my child's homework or assignments?

Definitely Not! Assigments & homework are the student's work and may be for assessment. No learning will take place if someone else does the student's work for them. We can assist you with advice about how to structure your work and the technical aspects of academic writing. We can check your work for you and suggest corrections to help you improve your work.

We also offer a separate Proofreading & Editing service in which we will mark up your work and suggest ways to improve your written work.

General Questions

Am I locked into a contract for a fixed period, say a school term?

No! With Lifetime Learners you can pay as you go and only pay for the tutoring that you use. Please read our Terms & Conditions for further information.

We also offer special packages for families of two or more students.

Is there a minimum number of hours or amount of tutoring that I must take?

Generally, our tutors must be on site for a minimum of 60 minutes (1 hour) per student per session and thereafter in 15 minute intervals. Call us on 1300 373 314 for further information relevant to your particular needs.

Where can I obtain a copy of your Terms & Conditions?
All Lifetime Learners services operate under our Terms & Conditions. Different Terms and Conditions may apply to each kind of service and are subject to change at any time. Our most current Terms and Conditions are published on our web site for easy access. Click here to download a copy.
Am I able to cancel my tutoring and on what terms?

Generally, the answer is yes! However, depending on the service that you have purchased from us, special Terms & Conditions may apply. You may download a copy of the Terms and Conditions for each of our services by clicking here.

Have much notice do I have to give to avoid being charged if I need to cancel a tutoring session?

Except in the case of genuine emergencies, we require 24 hours notice to the tutor if you are unable to attend a tutoring session and wish to cancel. Please see ourTerms & Conditions for further information.

Do you have a Refunds Policy? Where can I obtain a copy?
Yes!, however, depending on the service that you have purchased from us, special Teams & Conditions may apply. Our refunds policy is contained within the Terms and Conditions for the the type of service that you have purchased from us. You may download a copy of our Terms and Conditions by clicking here.
What payment options do you have?

We accept payment by EFTPOS, Major Credit Cards or PayPal. Your tutoring account may also be paid over the counter at any Australia Post outlet. Direct Debit payments are available from MasterCard or Visa Card accounts.

Assignment and Document Editing services must be paid for in advance using MasterCard, Visa Card or PayPal.

Will I receive a Tax Invoice and a Receipt?

Yes! We issue tax invoices for all services. Your Tax Invoice will be emailed to you usually on the Monday following tutoring or other service. Receipts for all payments are available upon request.

Am I able to obtain a Statement of my Account?
Yes! Contact us and we will arrange to have a statement of your account forwarded to you by email or post.

How do you ensure that I am only charged for work that the tutor has actually done.

Your Tutor submits an online session record for each of your tutoring sessions. A copy of the session record will be emailed to you. You will also be given a log in to our tuition management portal "OASES Online" so that you can monitor your completed and booked tutoring sessions. You will receive an itemised tax invoice for all tutoring carried out. In addition, at the end of each tutoring session, your tutor will ask you to "Sign Off" on the session to acknowledge that tutoring has taken place.

What if I believe that I have been overcharged or that there is a mistake on my invoice or statement?

No Problem! Simply call us on 1300 373 314 and tell us what has happened. If you have been overcharged, we will arrange for the amount to be refunded to you or to have a credit made against future tutoring, whichever you choose.

Do you have a "Disputes Resolution Policy" and where can I obtain a copy?
Yes!You can download a copy of our policy by clicking here.

I have a concern about my child's tutoring. What steps should I take?
It is our preference that all concerns about your child's tutoring should be managed at the lowest possible level. For day to day matters you should discuss your concern with your tutor. If your concern remains unresolved or if you are unhappy with the tutor's response, please contact our Private Tuition Manager on 1300 373 314 to discuss your concern further. If you concern still remains unresolved, you may choose to use our disputes resolution policy.

I wish to make a complaint about my tutor.
To notify us of a dispute or a complaint about a tutor click here. Provide us with as much detail as you are able.Your complaint or dispute will be taken seriously and handled according to our disputes resolution policy by a member of our management team who will contact you to discuss your matter and notify you of the outcome of any investigation.
Matters of a criminal nature should also be referred to the appropriate authorities.

I wish to make a complaint about Lifetime Learners' service.
To notify us of a dispute or a complaint about Lifetime Learners' Service click here. Provide us with as much detail as you are able. Your complaint or dispute will be taken seriously and handled according to our disputes resolution policy by a member of our management team who will contact you to discuss your matter and notify you of the outcome of any investigation. Disputes Resolution procedures.

How long will it take to resolve my complaint or dispute?
Your complaint or dispute will be handled according to our Disputes Resolution procedures.Timelines for dispute resolution are outlined in the policy. We will normally seek to resolve any complaint or dispute as soon as possible.

What happens if my complaint or dispute cannot be resolved?
If a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved, we will not bill you for services that are the subject of the dispute or complaint and will refund any amounts that you have already paid for the matter or service that is in dispute or the subject of the complaint.

How will your tutoring be relevant to my child's needs?

Any form of learning is an incremental process and tutoring is no exception. The rate at which students learn and progress varies widely between our students. For our part, we will always try to provide you with a realistic assessment of likely progress or performance. We ask that our clients are also realistic in their expectations of the outcomes that tutoring is likely to achieve.

Your Lifetime Learners tutor and management are here to work in partnership with you to achieve the best possible educational outcomes for you and your child. We are happy to discuss your or your child's needs at any time.

How often am I abe to receive reports about my child's progress?

Our tutors are happy and encouraged to provide you with verbal feedback at the end of each tutoring session.Clients are encouraged to talk to the tutor regularly about progress. You can request a report from the tutor at any time.

What happens if I or my child do not seem to be benefitting from tutoring?

Discuss the matter with your tutor. If this does not resolve the matter or your are unhappy with the tutor's response, contact Lifetime Learners. Depending on the circumstances, we may suggest that you continue for a period, change the focus of tutoring, change tutors or recommend that tutoring ceases.

I see that you are a member of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA). What does this mean for me and my child's tutoring?

We are members of the ATA because we believe in providing you and your child with the hioghest standards in tutoring

Because we are a professional and ethical tutoring company, we have signed the ATA's Code of Conduct. Our tutors are made aware of this from the time that they first apply to work with us and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Where can I obtain further information about the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA).

We are always keen to promote the ATA to our clients in the interests of raising general standards acrosss the tutoring industry. For more information about the ATA visit

Where can I get help about my tutoring?

You can contact us at any time about matters relating to your tutor or tutoring. Our management team,staff and tutors are there to assist you to get the most from your tutoring.

You should also call our office if you wish or need to change tutors or subjects, tell us about our tutors or cancel tutoring entirely. You can change tutors or cancel your tutoring with us at any time, subject to our terms & conditions.

For day to day matters, such as changing a session time or day, or to cancel a particular session, you should contact your tutor directly.

From time to time during and at the end of your tutoring, we will contact you to seek feedback about our tutor's performance. At Lifetime Learners, we value your business and will use your feedback to help us improve our service to you.

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